Want to Succeed? 10 Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Say You’ll Need These Qualities

As posted on Entrepreneur.com

Good news: these traits can be learned.

Every successful entrepreneur must possess “A-Player” qualities. These extraordinary entrepreneurs and Advisors in The Oracles share the characteristics most important for success.

If you start a business only for profit, you’ll quit at the first hurdle. You won’t have the resilience to push past challenges. Find your true purpose, and nothing will stand in your way. —Amy Sangster, co-founder of Infinite Prosperity; learn to invest, trade and build wealth with Infinite Prosperity’s free lessons.

Wake up each day and know it’s going to happen — not wishing and hoping. Doubt resides in “I wish” or “I hope.” There’s no room for doubters and haters in any aspect of your life. Replace doubt with fearless faith in your ideas, actions, and those you surround yourself with.

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